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There are over 270 people from 6 different countries at Grupo Lar sharing values that define us as a company and represent the principles that guide our approach and our understanding of the business.

And we have a dream: to be the real estate company with the greatest positive impact on our investors, our clients, our partners and the planet. People are the key to our success, and for this reason, we value professionals for their ability but also for their desire to contribute and promote equal opportunities for all.

Initiative, curiosity and constant learning are part of our essence. We like to grow and we always have our sights set on the future because we believe that innovation is the key to evolution. We work as a team, we take the utmost care of each project and we pursue excellence in everything we do.

Our proposals are always ambitious, and we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations. All this means intense teamwork adapted to the requirements of each project, which we approach with enthusiasm and a desire to do our best.

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