Lagasca 99 – Salamanca District (Madrid)

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Lagasca 99 – Salamanca District (Madrid)

Lagasca 99

Lagasca 99 is situated in the centre of the Salamanca district, overlooking the whole of Madrid. A unique residential building with an innovative concept designed by renowned architect Rafael de la Hoz, located at the gateway to Madrid’s Golden Mile and close to the best restaurants, galleries and museums.

A once in a lifetime project. For the first and last time, Madrid’s emblematic Salamanca district will boast a newly constructed building with four free-standing façades. On-trend architecture in large spaces, natural light, efficiency and cutting-edge technology. It will become an iconic building. Nothing like it will be built for decades.

An unattainable opportunity. Limited units for those who value space and details with finesse, style, elegance and modernity. Customisable in terms of materials, finishes and functionalities. Only within reach of a select few.
The possibilities are endless.

Calle de Lagasca 99, Madrid.

● Construction date: Development delivered
● Number of homes built: –
● Total gross surface area: 26,203 m2