Ànecblau Shopping Centre

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Ànecblau Shopping Centre

Anecblau Shopping centre is located in the Catalonian tourist town of Castedefells and has a direct area of influence of over 400,000 residents.

Anecblau is just 18km to the south of Barcelona. The centre opened in 2005 and has 28,863 m² of gross leasable surface area, distributed over 109 premises, 3 retail levels and 1,556 parking spaces on 2 underground levels.

Its current occupancy level is 87%. The shopping centre has a tenant mix of renowned national and international operators such as H&M (1,673 m²), seven brands belonging to the Inditex group (4,563 m², of which Zara has 1,889 m²), a Mercadona supermarket (3,156 m²) and 9 cinema screens operated by Yelmo.

Anecblau is one of three shopping centres in the region that opens on Sundays. Located within a direct area of influence of over 400,000 residents, the centre is connected by road, train station and bus service, with an annual footfall at the close of 2014 of 6 million people.