Rental Management

Gentalia belongs to Grupo Lar and was created in 1999. Since its establishment, it has been a leader in the management and development of shopping centres and retail parks.

Gentalia has vast knowledge of the business and bases its success on four premises:

  • Management of leases and rental contracts with the highest standards of quality and security.

  • Extensive database of retailers. Close contact with leading national and international brands.

  • Innovative processes in end-customer management. Develops and uses technology to understand end-customer behaviour and satisfy their requirements.

  • Carries out business plans for investors and developers in operational assets and in new construction projects.


Offers flexible services to investors and developers:

  • Real estate management.

  • Asset management.

  • Commercial management and “Specialty Leasing”.

  • Marketing & Communication.

  • Resource and sustainability management. Technical assistance and ECOP.

  • Market research.

  • Legal advice.