Housing for sale

How do we approach projects?

  • Identification of the most suitable locations aligned with our objectives.

  • Acquisition of the land selected for development of our projects.

  • Urban planning and management to convert sites into urban land where necessary.

  • Selection and hiring of the architectural teams responsible for design of client-oriented projects.

  • Commitment to the environment is always present in our projects with the aim of achieving high energy-efficient buildings.

  • Design, preparation and execution of the sales strategy at marketing and commercial level.

  • Hiring of the teams responsible for carrying out the works to the standards of quality required in all our developments.

  • Delivery of homes to our clients in compliance with timing and quality commitments.

  • Special attention to after-sales service by specialised teams.

What assets do we manage?

Grupo Lar manages a very large portfolio of residential property for sale in Spain, through various investment and development vehicles, many of which are managed together with partners.

The main vehicles are currently: Fortress and Sareb, portfolio with an initial value of 232 million euros from Sareb: 1,000 finished homes and 3 plots for the development of over 400 homes.

In partnership with Pimco and Lar España, a luxury building in Lagasca 99 consisting of 46 homes and generating over 230 million euros in sales.

In partnership with several individual investors, Acacia: 340 homes in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga.

Grupo Lar has delivered more than 12,000 homes in the last 10 years.