Grupo Lar has over 15 years of experience in Mexico, operating in the states of Quintana Roo, Nuevo León, Jalisco, State of Mexico, Puebla, Mexico City and Querétaro.

Grupo Lar’s projects in Mexico are synonymous with modernity, high quality and lifestyle, leaving a mark on the community and its residents, because we understand that, for them, home is not only the space they live in, but also their environment, lifestyle and people.

We know that life is the story that each individual builds and at Grupo Lar Mexico we aspire to be part of that story.

After almost two decades in the country, we have developed more than 3,700 homes over a surface area of 453,065 m2, which is equivalent to the size of Sweden. That is how big our ambitions, achievements and commitments are. We know that house and home are not one and the same.

Units sold: 3,616

Units delivered: 3.209

Buildable area: 564,502.10 m2

Number of homes in portfolio: 1,803 units

Total manager portfolio: 7,873,499,348 MXN

Grupo Lar México