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Lar España

Lar España Real Estate SOCIMI, S.A is a Real Estate Investment Trust (known for tax purposes in Spain as a SOCIMI) listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange since 5 March 2014, the first SOCIMI property investment trust to go public.

The firm’s objective is long-term asset management and the generation of high returns for its shareholders via diversified investment in property assets throughout Spain in the retail, office, logistics and prime residential sectors. Lar España continues to consolidate itself as one of the most attractive Real Estate Investment Trusts in Europe and a leader in the property sector.

Lar España is managed exclusively by Grupo Lar, a property company with extensive experience in the sector. It has a large team of professionals pro-actively managing a diversified portfolio in order to maximise operational efficiency and the return on each asset, to maximise value for the shareholder.

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