Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a latent reality within Grupo Lar. We use technology to improve the quality of life of people within and outside the organisation, offering our clients products and experiences of the very highest quality.

Innovation through digital tools has become a key piece in our business model in order to improve the client experience, improve internal operational efficiency, create new revenue streams and react to changes in the market more rapidly.

Our FIVE pillars


“Success lies in joint innovation”

We are committed to an innovation culture that we all create. All our digital projects begin with people. We have developed digital internal communication tools that tell us what is happening within the company in real time, creating synergies within our various business areas.

Training is central to us. Using our Xplora programme, we train, motivate and integrate all the company’s staff to drive digital transformation forward. All of our training is available on an e-learning platform that is accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world.



“New technologies help us to be more efficient and increase productivity”

We are constantly on the look-out for innovation, implementing working tools that simplify administrative tasks and optimise the company’s operating processes.

We foster organisational change with digital tools and resources that reduce time and costs, increasing the satisfaction of our employee and strengthening our business model.



“Data is key information to our clients and our business, helping us to make better decisions”

We are all connected through social media, telling the world about our hobbies, likes and worries. All of this data, analysed with the right tools, is very valuable information for our business.

In order to better manage it, we have introduced digital tools that exploit this information and allow us to anticipate our clients’ needs, creating products and services that have a real impact on their lives.


“Clients want better, cheaper products and they want them immediately”

Thanks to innovation, we can personalise our products and services much more. Consumers have become the real protagonists of this process of change. Forming long-term relationships is essential to us.

Offering a fresh purchasing experience forms part of the basis of our business strategy. To this end, we have introduced new technologies to ensure the loyalty of our clients, smoothing their relationship with us improving the service we offer to our B2B partners.



“In the real estate sector, new companies have emerged who, through the technologies they use, create new ways to provide products and services to clients”

Technological evolution is a key factor in the way we provide products and srevices to our clients. Every day there are more companies that rely on innovative digital tools that maximise the value they offer their clients.

Grupo Lar has a number of ongoing projects that connect with this new ecosystem made up of revolutionary technologies. As well as agreements with universities and high-performance technology centres, we work alongside start-ups that help us to better understand new trends in our sector, while projects such as Wonderful allow us to support a number of start-ups in order to drive their businesses forward within the Grupo Lar ecosystem.