Grupo Lar and its innovative mission

We understand innovation to be a permanent function of our company, intended to generate value for our clients and shareholders.

Innovation is part of our identity and we are completely committed to the generation of new products and services in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies and market changes.

Integrating innovation throughout the value chain

For more than a decade we have been carrying out initiatives to maximise added value for clients, to better understand their profiles and needs and adapt our way of working and our products to be able to satisfy them. For this task to be performed efficiently, we believe Grupo Lar must collaborate with local partners and incorporate the best expertise available in the market. To this effect, our efforts to innovate can be divided into two fundamental parts:

  • Internal innovation

This covers initiatives arising from within the company through competitions encouraging our teams to think differently, training, intrapreneurship competitions, Customer Journey and Design Thinking exercises and interdepartmental collaboration.

  • External innovation

This covers initiatives which help Grupo Lar to gather ideas and technologies from outwith the company to help us to complement our solutions and benefit our business model, such as the Wonderful Competition.