The best endorsement of our sustainability is our 50 years of history. We are committed to ethics, and to the effort and commitment to doing things better thanks to solid management practices, focused on generating value for our investors, customers and employees at all times.

We act on three basic pillars in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

1. Better Processes and Products

  • 100% of shopping centres with BREEAM certification.
  • 7 residential developments with BREEAM certification + 1 in the process of certification.
  •  128,000 € of investment in 2020 to improve accessibility to shopping centres.
  •  Reduction of water and electricity consumption in our assets.
  •  Reduction of CO2 emissions and air purification.
  • Use of materials with sustainability certificates, from local and recycled suppliers.
  • Reuse of natural resources such as rainwater and sunshine.
  • Design of larger green areas to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Waste management and reduction plan.

2. Best Company

  • Company Code of Ethics signed by 100% of employees.
  • Internal control structure and training for our employees to ensure prevention of criminal conduct and breaches of legislation in all company activities.
  • 3rd year of EPRA Gold Award Certification for Lar España for the quality of its ESG reporting.
  • 6th year with EPRA Gold Award Certification for Lar España in recognition of the quality of its financial reporting.

3. Best Society

  • Volunteering activities with our employees.
  • + We have collaborated with over 25 NGOs and foundations.
  • + 180 days of social and environmental initiatives in our shopping centres.
  • 84,000 € in 2020 from the Altamira Lar Foundation earmarked for social aid to alleviate the effects of the health crisis caused by COVID-19.
  • + 12,000kg of clothes donated from our shopping centres.
  • + 270,000kg in food collection campaigns from our shopping centres.