Corporate Social Responsibility

-Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Grupo Lar is committed to a CSR policy guaranteeing the attainment of our objectives, driving us to change the way we work and ensuring we leave a responsible environmental footprint.

We are clearly committed to environmental friendliness and transparency in our relationship with suppliers and clients.

Most of our buildings have environmental certificates, promoting sustainable construction and providing economic, environmental and social benefits for everybody linked to the life of a building (developers, owners, tenants and users), unequivocally demonstrating the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy in action to society and the market.

We have an internal control structure guaranteeing the prevention of criminal conduct and breaches of the legislation in all the company’s activities.

Centro Comercial Lagoh Grupo LAR

Lagoh Shopping Centre

Innovation, sustainability and the environment.
Seville - Spain
  • 100% of the soil moved (around 400,000 m3) was reused in Seville instead of going to landfill.
  • The building is heated by geothermal energy, with a total of 100 springs at a depth of 100 metres helping to save 30% of the shopping centre’s heating costs.
  • Rainwater is collected in tanks and used to irrigate all the green spaces of the complex.
  • The lake will contain 6,500 cubic metres of water (the equivalent of two Olympic swimming pools) and will be filled using rainwater and the groundwater from the spring.
  • Lagoh has 20,000 trees and plant cover of 11,000m² (equivalent to two football pitches), improving the building’s energy efficiency by minimising its carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Lagoh will have a universal accessibility certificate, guaranteeing that anyone with limited mobility may enjoy the environment.
  • Lagoh will have a “very good” BREEAM® construction certificate, verifying that many sustainable measures have been taken during the construction period.

Lagasca 99 – Salamanca District (Madrid)

The possibilities are infinite
Madrid - Spain
  • When designing the building and choosing the materials to be used, we tried to reduce the environmental footprint and increase the user’s sense of satisfaction and well-being.
  • During construction of the project, all the waste was managed in a way which made it easier to recycle. All the timber for the project comes from forests with a sustainability certificate.
  • Hot water for the building and the apartments is generated by the solar power installation on the roof and an air heating system, reducing by 100% the number of boilers which emit polluting gases.
  • The lighting in the building and the apartments has been designed using LED light sources, thus reducing energy consumption. Presence detectors and light intensity sensors have also been installed to optimise electricity consumption in shared spaces.
  • The lights installed on the façade and exterior of the building are the most energy efficient on the market and have been chosen to comply with established light pollution limits.
  • The building has a rainwater harvesting system designed to enable rainwater to be used for irrigation of the building’s green spaces, and to greatly reduce water consumption.
  • The plumbing system has been designed to enable as much water to be saved as possible, and includes leakage control, divisional consumption meters and low-flow taps.
  • The windows in the building include a solar protection system to prevent the inflow of heat in summer and the outflow of heat in winter.
  • Charging points have been installed for electric cars in some of the building’s parking spaces and areas have been designated for cycle parking.
  • Lagasca 99 will be rated “Very Good” on its BREEAM® sustainability certificate. The BREEAM® scheme aims to promote more sustainable construction resulting in a higher return for those who build, run and/or maintain the building, a reduction of its impact on the environment and a greater sense of comfort and well-being for those who live and work in the building and for anyone who uses it.