Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

The website (“the Website”) is owned by the company Grupo Lar Inversiones Inmobiliarias, S.A. (“GRUPO LAR”), with its registered office at C/Rosario Pino 14-16 8ª Planta, 28020 MADRID.

This Website uses Cookies to make browsing easier for Users, show them information of interest whenever they visit, and improve the quality of our services.

What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a file downloaded to your equipment (computer or mobile device) intended to store data which may be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for its installation, in this case GRUPO LAR.

The information gathered by the Cookies may include the date and time of visits to the Website, the pages visited, the time spent on our Website, the actions performed and the sites visited immediately before and after the visit.

What type of Cookie may be used by this Website and for what purpose?

Our Website may use any of the cookies described below:

Session or registration cookies: This type of Cookie is designed to collect and store data while the user is visiting a website, the objectives being the following:

  • To enable the browser or computer to identify the User without him/her having to sign in again should a Service be closed and then reopened at another time or on another day.
  • If the User clicks “Close Session”, the Cookie will be deleted and the next time the User enters the Service, he/she will have to sign in again to be identified.
  • To check whether the User is authorised to access certain Services, i.e. to participate in a competition.

Some Services may also use links to social networks such as Facebook. When the User is registered in a Service using a social network’s credentials, he/she authorises the social network to store a persistent cookie remembering his/her own identity and guaranteeing him/her access to the Services until they expire. The User may delete this cookie and revoke access to the Services through social networks by updating his/her preferences in the specific social network.


Geotargetting cookies: These Cookies are used to check which country the User is in when he/she requests a service. This Cookie is completely anonymous, and is only used to help target content to the user’s location.


Persistent cookies: This type of Cookie keeps the data stored in the device enabling it to be accessed and processed by the controller of the Cookie for an indefinite period which may last from several minutes to several years.


Technical cookies: This type of cookie permits browsing through a website, platform or application and the use of the different options or services therein such as controlling data traffic and transfer, identifying the session, accessing restricted parts, remembering the elements comprising an order, performing the checkout process, requesting registration or participation in an event, using security elements during browsing, storing content for the dissemination of videos or sound, and sharing content through social networks.


Personalisation cookies: This type of cookie allows the User to access the service in a predefined way based on a set of criteria in the User’s device, such as the language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional configuration from where the service is accessed, etc.


Analysis cookies: This type of cookie permits the controller to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the Users of the websites to which they are linked. The information gathered through this type of cookie is used to measure activity on the websites, application or platform and to prepare browsing profiles of the users of those sites, the aim being to introduce improvements based on analysis of data on the use made of the service by the users.


Advertising cookies: This type of cookie permits the most effective management possible of the advertising spaces which the publisher has included in the website, application or platform providing the service requested, based on criteria such as the content of the advertisements or the frequency with which they are displayed.


Behavioural advertising cookies: This type of cookie permits the most effective management possible of the advertising spaces which the publisher has included in the website, application or platform providing the service requested. These Cookies store information on the behaviour of the Users obtained through continuous observation of their browsing habits, permitting specific profiles to be constructed informing the display of advertisements.


Own cookies: These Cookies are sent to the User’s computer and are managed exclusively by the owner of the Website enabling the Website to function more smoothly. The information we gather is employed to improve the quality of our service and your experience as a User. These Cookies remain in your browser for longer, enabling us to recognise you as a repeat visitor to the Website and to match its content to your preferences.


Third-party analysis cookies: Our Website also permits us to use the Google Analytics audience measurement system, a Google web analysis tool which enables us to learn how the users of our Website interact. It also enables Cookies in the domain of the site being browsed by the user and uses a set of Cookies to compile anonymous information and prepare trend reports on the Website without identifying individual users.

For more information on the type of Cookies used by Google Analytics and their expiry dates, see

How do I grant my Consent to the Use of Cookies?

Before starting to browse our Website, the User is warned about the use of Cookies enabling him/her to provide his/her consent to our Cookie Policy by clicking “I agree”, closing the pop-up window, or continuing to browse or perform actions within the Website, thus implying tacit consent. By continuing to browse, the User confirms that he/she has agreed to our Cookies Policy. Should the User not consent to the use of Cookies, he/she must either stop browsing the Website or follow the different instructions for disabling cookies depending on the browser being used, as provided in the following section.

How can I disable and block the Cookies?

You may at any time disable the Cookies and continue browsing, although your browsing will be restricted in several sections and may be blocked at any time. You may block or disable the Cookies through your browser settings, enabling you to reject the installation of all or some of the Cookies. Most browsers permit you to be warned of the presence of Cookies or allow Cookies to be rejected automatically. Should you reject them you may continue using our Website, although the use of some services may be restricted and your browsing experience may be less satisfactory.

To prevent being tracked by Google Analytics in all websites, go to

Unless you have adjusted your browser settings, our system will create Cookies whenever you visit our Website and agree to our Cookies Policy. Bear in mind that all internet browsers permit their settings to be changed.

For more information on how to adjust the cookie settings of the browser you regularly use, we recommend that you visit the following links:


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  • (and for iOS

How do I revoke my consent?

You may at any time revoke your consent to the use of Cookies by deleting the Cookies stored on your equipment (computer or mobile device) through your internet browser settings.

However, bear in mind that in most cases, deleting or disabling the cookies may affect the functionality of our Website and limit your access to certain areas or services offered through it.