Forest Hills Jundiaí

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  • Construction Date:
    • Towers 1&2: Sept/12 – end of construction Dic/14
    • Towers 3&4: May/13 – end of construction Jun/15
    • Towers 5&6:May/14 – end of construction Dic/15
  • Number of dwellings built: 589 units
  • Total Gross surface: 47.894sqm

Forest Hills Jundiaí

Residential development formed by 6 buildings, built in a 35.261 sqm plot. The towers will be 18 floors high, holding a total of 589 dwellings of these 3 categories: 2 bedrooms in 63sqm; 3 bedrooms in 83 sqm and 3 bedrooms in 109 sqm. This development has several facilities and common areas among which stand:

  • A 34.000 sqm garden
  • A swimming pool
  • A gym
  • A common room for events

The project is divided in 3 phases, of which the 80% has already been sold.

Rua Elias Juvenal de Melo, 1400, Retiro, ciudad de Jundiaí, state de São Paulo, Brazil.