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ul. Pecherska 2
02-661 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 22 523 6300
Fax: +48 22 629 2488

Grupo Lar in Poland was established in 2005 and has its corporate office in Warsaw. Grupo Lar Poland’s main activity is residential development for sale. So far, Grupo Lar Poland has sold and delivered the keys to over 1437 units.
Presently, we have 5 projects on sale: Nowe Bielany 2, Bliski Tarchomin, Przy Woronicza, Grójecka 216 and Bliskie Bemowo. The Polish real estate market was not significantly affected by the economic crisis of 2008-2013. At the moment, the sales rhythms are good and the market seems to have matured. Grupo Lar Poland has sustained a steady activity since its establishment in 2005, adjusting its output to the market conditions.
Our plan for the future is to reach a level of sales above 500 units per year. Significant investment activity is underway to acquire and develop a number of units. This figure will place GL Polonia among the top 10 developers in Poland.

  • Persons employed: 11
  • Number of dwellings built and delivered: 1.437
  • Stock under commercialization: 750
  • Value of units to be sold in 2016: 23,2 M€

Directors of the Board