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Oficina Colombia
Cr 7 Nº 114 -33 Oficina 802
Building ScotiaBank
Bogotá D.C, Colombia
Tel.:+57 1 4846870
Fax:+57 1 6068099

Grupo Lar has been operating in Colombia since 2012, being exclusively focused on the real estate development. Among all the projects of the portfolio, we can stand:

  • San Cayetano-Residential Park: located in Rio Negro, Antioquía, it is a project of mixed uses, it will be divided into a middle-income residential, retail units, offices and VIS projects.
    • The middle-income residential will have a 64,800 sqm buildable area where there will be 864 flats in 9 towers of 12 floors each, with a total sale estimation of COP 267,197MM.
      • In September 2016 we started the construction of the first phase with sales accounting up to 80% and projected delivery in Q1 2018.
      • In January 2016 we launched the presales of phase 2, after 9 months 40% of the units have been booked. Expected construction start in Q1 2017.
    • The commercial mall (retail+offices) it is still under design study, launch is expected for Q1 2017. It will be located in the front part project. 2 floors for retail and 1 for offices are planned (it adds up to 2,723 sqm) total sale estimation of COP 10,800 MM.
    • The VIS project (residential of social interest) will have a 18,619 sqm buildable area where there will be 288 flats and 28 retail premises in 3 towers of 12 floors each, with a total sale estimation of COP 26,941MM.
  • Located in Barranquilla, presents a project for 99,456 sqm buildable area, to build 1,096 dwellings. The expected sales for this project are COP 269,343MM. We expect the launching for the last quarter of 2017.

Number of dwellings: 2,248
Buildable Area: 182,875 sqm
Projects: 2
Ventas proyectadas: 574,281 MM de COP